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Jane Fonda Watch: “Too Much Baggage”

ASSociated Press: Jane Fonda Declines War Protests

Jane Fonda says she would like to tour the country and speak out against U.S. involvement in Iraq, but her controversial history of Vietnam War protests leaves her with “too much baggage.”

“I wanted to do a tour like I did during the Vietnam War, a tour of the country,” the Oscar-winning actress said Monday on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “But then Cindy Sheehan filled in the gap, and she is better at this than I am. I carry too much baggage.”

Come on Jane….once a TRAITOR ALWAYS A TRAITOR.  Baggage is NOT even the WORD.

Fonda said that during a recent national book tour, war opponents _ including some Vietnam veterans _ asked her to speak out.

Jane, you should speak out.



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