Keith Olbermann Countdown Watch: Michelle Malkin Worst Person in the World


Expose the Left: Olbermann Names Malkin ‘Worst Person in the World’, Omits Key Information (VIDEO)

On tonight’s edition of Countdown, host Keith Olbermann awarded Michelle Malkin the “Worst Person in the World” award for posting phone numbers of Santa Cruz students. However, what Olbermann DID NOT tell you is those ‘students’ were members of an organization called Students Against War (SAW) and that they included their phone numbers in a press release. Olbermann also did not include that these students blocked military recruiters from coming on campus, not merely “protested”. His word, not mine.

Michelle has information here and here.

Olbermann is a LEFTIE MORON.

Military recruiters have a “right” to be on campus.

IF the students want to protest military recruiters, it is their right.

But, it is also Flap’s right to ridicule them and post their contact details so everyone with an opinion can express same to them.

Tell these MORONS what you think (please no death threats):

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3 thoughts on “Keith Olbermann Countdown Watch: Michelle Malkin Worst Person in the World

  1. Santa Cruz students are out of their minds. It’s definitely outmatched Berkeley as the state’s hippie/leftie campus. Until a couple years ago, students there didn’t even receive grades in their classes. And, Santa Cruz is second only to Berkeley in the UC system in the percentage of students who go on to receive PhDs, obviously because their are so frightened of the real world that they want to stay in school forever.

  2. This is so stupid. Let them protest. Is it okay to publicize your information online? Don’t conservatives care about privacy?

    And they really aren’t that moronic. They are protesting an organization that outrightly discriminates against homosexuals. Seems like a fair dispute. Sadly, no reason to this debate.

  3. My information is readily available online and Flap did not even issue a press release with the information on it.

    Protesting is a right.

    Counter-protesting is also a right And so is a free press.

    If you want to keep matters private don’t issue a press release with the information.

    And these folks are still morons. The United States military has every right to recruit on a public university campus – regardless of what you think of their homosexual rights policy.


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