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Illegal Immigration Watch: President Bush SELLS OUT on Immigration Reform Redux


Washington Post: Privately, Bush Says He Favors Citizenship

President Bush generally favors plans to give millions of illegal immigrants a chance at U.S. citizenship without leaving the country, but does not want to be more publicly supportive because of opposition among conservative House Republicans, according to senators who attended a recent White House meeting.

“Yes, he thinks people should be given a path to citizenship,” said Sen. Mel Martinez., R-Fla., a leading supporter of immigration legislation in the Senate.

Martinez said it was implicit in Bush’s remarks that many of the immigrants illegally in the U.S. would be permitted to remain during a lengthy wait and application period.

Under the Senate bill, immigrants in the U.S. longer than five years could apply for citizenship without leaving the country. Those in the U.S. for more than two years but fewer than five would be required to go to a border point of entry, but they could return quickly as legal temporary workers.

Several senators said Bush had spoken in favorable terms about the overall bill, but made it clear he will not issue an endorsement.

So, what else is new?

President Bush has been “SOFT” on illegal aliens and immigration from the start. Enforcement of border security laws have been restrained at best during his presidency.

With the President supporting a “compromise” Kennedy-McCain immigration bill it will allow conservative Senators (especially the ones who want to be President) to amend the hell out of the bill and it will also embolden House conservatives to resist passage of any “amnesty laden” bill in conference committee.

Watch for Senator Frist to call up Kennedy-McCain for a series of amendments.

Flap handicaps ANY comprehensive immigration reform legislation passing this session of Congress at less than 50 per cent.

Stay tuned…….


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Illegal Immigration Watch: President Bush SELLS OUT on Immigration Reform

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2 thoughts on “Illegal Immigration Watch: President Bush SELLS OUT on Immigration Reform Redux

  1. While The unions are pushing their social Marxist agenda by marching on the steps of city hall to defened”Immigrant workers rights” people like me Americas forgotten majority are being pushed to the side.
    My Union is already 70%+ FORGIEN born minorities & that’s not because they are the only ones willing to accept this kind of work It’s because Employers at city, state, federal & privet levels Collect federal subsidies to higher Foreign born Persons That’s why there is such a gross over representation Of Immigrants In this labor union!MANY oF These persons are from our last 6 amnisties that have been passed snice 1986. I do not misdirect my anger Towards the Immigrant I direct my anger to capitalist that profit from Immigrants & will sell their own race & nation out for a buck. I also have a problem with social Marxist Who want To lower of labor standards Just to help out the other guy
    It is not my fault or the Majority of America That our government & transnational corporations steal these peoples natural resources That They never learned how to use on their own.
    People like me never receive any preference In employment, Housing or education & the majority Of my ancestors like the majority of many Americans ancestors where brought here against their will From England & Ireland as indentured servants/slaves to cut wel fair cost in England We where never Part Of the power Sturcher, but yet fought in every war, Built every railroad, City with our swet, blood & backs. I’m Tired about hearing about Immigrant Rights White & Black Americans alike are having a red carpet rolled out over their head for every new Immigrant group that comes here.
    I’m a member of a local & I Was laid off & replaced by a guy who does not speak a word of English just because he had more seniority. It took me 3 years of working 12 hour days 6 & 7 days a week, Tolerating being subjected To racial slurs, Harressment & being made to do other peoples work loads In order to get a steady Job with benefits. I dealt with crewcheifs who could not read, write or speak English Enough to do their Job. I watched people receive preference in perminate posisions, cewchiefs, supervisors, district managers & administration because Of what they are not who they are! I learned every aspect of the business often going over & beyond my job to the point of having my human & civil rights violated just to feed my family So don’t ever say Americans don’t want these kind of jobs. Our government allows To many legal Immigrants to enter this country as is why the hell do You want to push for Amnisty for the Illegals as well? Fincial refugees is what they are.

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