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Dentistry Technology Watch: The IGI System for Dental Surgery Navigation

MedGadget: The IGI System for Dental Surgery Navigation

We are continuing our coverage of this year’s Medical Design Excellence Awards. One of the two winners in the dental category was DenX Advanced Dental Systems Ltd., a Jerusalem, Israel based company. According to a press release, its IGI system for surgical navigation “assists in the preoperative and intraoperative phases of dental implantation surgery, accurately guiding surgical instruments according to a CT-based presurgical plan.”
Here is the company on its product:

With IGI, the dental clinician can be assured of a comprehensive navigational solution where:

– pre-surgical planning matches the surgical performance

– critical structures are accurately defined and avoided

– the implant is precisely placed and

-on-line treatment, follow up and data storage are provided…

The company website is here.

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