Iran Nuclear Watch

Iran Nuclear Watch: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Threatens Oil Disruption

ranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivers a speech on the 17th anniversary of death of the late revolutionary founder Ayatollah Khomeini, in his mausoleum just outside Tehran, Iran, Sunday, June 4, 2006. Khamenei, warned Sunday that energy supplies from the Gulf region would be disrupted if Iran came under attack from the United States and insisted his country would not give up the right to produce nuclear fuel.

ASSociated Press: Iran’s leader warns of disruption in oil

Iran’s top leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, warned Sunday that oil shipments from the Gulf region would be disrupted if the United States attacked his nation, but his threat was dismissed by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Khamenei also insisted in a speech broadcast live on state-run radio that Tehran will not give up its right to produce nuclear fuel. He added that Iran is not seeking a nuclear bomb as the West suspects.

“If you make any mistake (invade Iran), definitely shipment of energy from this region will be seriously jeopardized. You have to know this,” Khamenei said.

He added that if there was a disruption, the United States and its allies could not secure all the oil shipments that transit close to Iran’s coast. Much of the world’s oil supply passes through the strategic Strait of Hormuz, which links the Gulf to the Indian Ocean and separates Iran from the Arabian Peninsula.

“You will never be able to protect energy supply in this region. You will not be able to do it,” he said, addressing the West.

Iran continues to say NO to the Big 6 plan. But, did the United States REALLY expect them to accept the condition of a halt of uranium enrichment?


Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s gambit has trapped Iran in a diplomatic hole. The United States has gained diplomatic cover for its Iran anti-nuke position at NO cost. Iran, when it rejects the Big 6 proposal will appear to be abrogating international will – after all even the United States is willing to negotiate.

If Iran agrees to the Big 6 proposal, the United States will have won a major diplomatic victory and uranium enrichment in Iran will be severly limited – and only for peaceful purposes.

Rice told “Fox News Sunday” that “we shouldn’t place too much emphasis on a threat of this kind” because Iran also has an interest in protecting its major source of revenues.

“What we should place emphasis on is Iran’s opportunity to find a way out of this impasse,” Rice said.

Condi has outmaneuvered Ahamdinejad and the Mullahs.

Iran will bluster for a few days, the Big 6 proposal will be made public (leaked), Iran will reject it and there will be a UNSC referral.

Stay tuned…….

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The Natanz uranium enrichment complex in Natanz is pictured in this January 2, 2006 satellite image.

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