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North Korea Watch: North Korea Threatens “Stronger Physical Actions”


Kenzo Oshima(R), Japan’s Ambassador to the United Nations , speaks to the media beside John Bolton(R), United States UN Ambassador outside the Security Council chamber at UN headquarters in New York. The United States and Japan challenged China and Russia to back sanctions against North Korea , calling for a UN Security Council vote on the Stalinist state’s missile tests.

Reuters: N.Korea issues new threat

North Korea threatened on Friday to take “stronger physical actions” after Japan imposed punitive measures in response to its barrage of missile tests and pushed for broader sanctions at the United Nations.

Japan introduced a draft U.N. Security Council resolution on Friday that would clamp down on missile-related financial and technology transactions with North Korea, but it was unclear whether veto-holding members China and Russia would approve the step.

China’s U.N. Ambassador Wang Guangya said if the draft is put to a vote “there would be no unity” in the council in sending a message to North Korea. But he did not say whether China would use its veto power to kill the resolution or abstain and let the measure go through.

“All possibilities are on the table,” Wang told reporters at the United Nations in New York.

China must be irate that the United States, Japan and their allies would dare to put forward a resolution that would actually punish/sanction North Korea. China wants to hold the power and allow North Korea to continue to be a thorn in the side of America.

Japan’s revised draft, co-sponsored by the United States, Britain and France, says that no nation can procure missiles or missile related “items, materials goods and technology” from North Korea, or transfer financial resources to the isolated Communist country’s dangerous weapons programs.

The United States WILL force the action tomorrow in the UNSC. Is Iran watching?
You betcha…..

If China vetoes the resolution then it becomes clearly evident to the world community that the UNSC is a meaningless and useless body – a “paper tiger.”

The G-8 meeting which starts in a week will be even more contentious if either Russia or China forces a postponement or vetoes this resolution.

Flap bets that China and Russia will abstain tomorrow morning.



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