Senator Joe Lieberman Watch: Lieberman Files To Create NEW Political Party

Sen. Joe Lieberman, D-Conn., left, talks with Chaplain Stephen Fornckewicz., of Willimantic Conn., right, at the Boom Box Parade in Willimantic, Conn., Tuesday, July 4, 2006.

AP: Lieberman campaign files forms to run as petitioning candidate

Democratic U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman filed paperwork Monday that will allow him to collect signatures to petition his way onto the November ballot if he loses an August primary.

The three-term senator faces a tough Aug. 8 primary challenge from Greenwich businessman Ned Lamont. Lieberman, who has been criticized by fellow Democrats for his support of the war in Iraq and a perceived closeness with President Bush, is popular among many unaffiliated and Republican voters in Connecticut.

Lieberman also filed papers with the secretary of the state’s office Monday to create a new party called Connecticut for Lieberman.

Creating a “NEW” party is an overreach and may damage his primary campaign for the Democrat nomination. What is Lieberman thinking?

On the other hand, the GOP is smiling broadly since the best scenario has Lieberman losing the primary and having to run as an “independent” against the Democrat Ned Lamont.

Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz said Lieberman will be able to secure a higher position on the November ballot by creating a new party rather than petitioning his way on as an individual. Bysiewicz said Lieberman would be fifth on the ballot under the new party, compared with eighth or ninth as an individual.

Ballot position should not be important but this stunt does give Lamont ammunition to tout Lieberman as a self-serving non-Democrat. Will this be a fatal move?

Doubtful, but one wonders who is running his campaign.

Meanwhile, Congressman John Lewis of Georgia was in Hartford yesterday and voiced support for Lieberman.

Lewis says Lieberman is a long-time friend, someone who took a personal risk during the civil rights movement to register southern blacks to vote.

Lewis is predicting Lieberman will defeat Greenwich businessman Ned Lamont.

Captain Ed has Le Parti, C’est Moi, or It’s My Party And I Can Cry If I Want To

Lieberman will take a well-deserved shellacking over this decision. I’m sure he will find the 7500 voters necessary to sign the petitions, but even if he wins, he will spend a lot of time living this down.


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3 thoughts on “Senator Joe Lieberman Watch: Lieberman Files To Create NEW Political Party

  1. Nice post, Flap.

    Shouldn’t a true Democrat (or true Republican for that matter) vow to support the party’s nominee in the general election? I think so. I think Lieberman is hurting the Democratic party. And its not the first time.

    In 2000, he ran for VP and Senator. If he had won the VP slot, then the GOP governor would have appointed a GOP Senator in Lieberman’s stead. Once again, putting himself before his party.

    Lamont is clearly not a “one-issue” candidate (and even if he were, the one issue is Iraq – not something trivial to brush under the rug). Watching him on CSPAN, he held his own, and showed that while inexperienced as a politician, was knowledgeable on a wide range of issues – he’d make a very credible senator for the people of Connecticut.

    By the way, what’s up with the DeLay ballot mess down in Texas? If the court decision holds, he essentially has to ramp up a reelection campaign against a surging Democrat. His seat is in big trouble.

  2. Tom Delay’s seat is not in big trouble. The Court of Appeal may rule in the GOP’s favor and the registration very much favors the eventual Republican nominee. Delay won by over 14 points in 2004.

    But, if Delay is forced to run then he can win and then resign if he choses. Delay would probably not wish to risk a run and then lose. This is why he resigned in the first place.

    But, Delay has plenty in his campaign account and again the registration is favorable to the GOP.


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