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Senator Joe Lieberman Watch: Bill Clinton Praises Joe Lieberman


Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D-Conn., left, and former President Bill Clinton wave to the crowd during a campaign rally for Lieberman in Waterbury, Conn., Monday July 24, 2006.

AP: Bill Clinton praises Joe Lieberman

Bill Clinton came to praise three-term Sen. Joe Lieberman and most assuredly not to bash Ned Lamont, the anti-war challenger making a strong bid for the Democratic Senate nomination in the state’s Aug. 8 primary.

“I don’t have anything against Joe’s opponent,” Clinton said Monday as he campaigned to save his political ally of more than three decades from defeat. “He seems like a perfectly nice man. He’s got every right to run and he’s waged a vigorous campaign.”

Clinton: “I come not to praise Joe but to BURY Him!”

Flap agrees with Kos: PATHETIC is the word

But did Slick kiss Joe?



How can this dog and pony show possibly help Lieberman?


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