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Glenn Greenwald Watch: The Sock Puppet Story Part 2


Patterico: Annotated WuzzaDem: The Facts Behind the Greenwald Sock-Puppetry

This post sets out the evidence suggesting that Glenn Greenwald has engaged in sock-puppetry. With the permission of John from WuzzaDem, I will be relying heavily on the WuzzaDem sock puppets. Consider it an annotated version of John’s recent Insta-linked post.

Why this post? Because it ties it all together in a way that I haven’t seen before. And it’s another chance to see the WuzzaDem puppets again.

Keep in mind that sock-puppetry is, as Instapundit says, a “venial sin” (as opposed to a mortal sin). Yes, there is an element of dishonesty to it. But really, it’s mostly goofy and laughable — which is why the puppets are on hand to help me make the point.


Read it all.

And, so, why is this exercise in exposing Glenn Greenwald as a dishonest lefty douche bag and sock puppet important?


Just as with Michael Hiltzik of the Los Angeles Times – it is about HONESTY.

The traffic figures, the notariety and even the revenue from writing books makes NO difference if you cannot be EVEN HONEST to yourself.

Prancing around the internet, posing as others – the sock puppets – to inflate your OWN narcissistic reputation and self-worth shows to the world the weakness of your character and the shortage of genuineness of your arguments. Most folks and not of Flap’s generation would say this Greenwald fellow needs to “GET A LIFE!”

This life and lie stuff is without a doubt…..


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