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Senator Joe Lieberman Watch: Richie Rich and the Two Anti-Semites

Ned Lamont center, embraces Tommie Jackson, pastor of the Faith Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church at a breakfast with Rev. Al Sharpton, right, Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2006, in Stamford, Conn. Lamont is receiving an endorsement from Sharpton for his run in the Democratic primary against Sen. Joe Lieberman.
Powerline: Richie Rich and the two anti-semites

Via Steve Hayward at No Left Turns.

Michael Barone made the same point on Fox News, noting that Lieberman ran well in ethnic blue collar areas while Lamont carried the swanky precincts of Fairfield County by huge margins. According to Barone, these swanky precients have disproportionately high turnout rates in primaries. Moreover, Lamont may have compounded his problem by giving his victory speech with the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Kim Gandy. As my conservative cousin from New York explains,

[this] won’t help Lamont or the Democratic Party gain the votes of Polish shipyards workers in New London or Irish insurance industry employees in West Hartford. More to the point this kind of image could make such states as New Jersey, Michigan and Pennsylvania swing to the GOP in the next Presidential election. When [my wife] whose political sensibilities often mirror those of Blue Collar Catholics saw Lamont on the stage with Sharpton and Jackson she blurted out “there’s Richie Rich and the two Anti-Semites.”

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Ned Lamont, right, the businessman who is challenging Sen. Joe Lieberman for the Democratic Senate nomination in Connecticut, confers with the Rev. Jesse Jackson in New Haven, Conn., Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2006.