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California Election 2006 Watch: Schwarzenegger Hears Rumbles From the RIGHT?


Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) joined by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (L) speaks at a news conference in Santa Monica, California August 17, 2006 urging California voters to support Proposition 83, Jessica�s Law on the November 2006 ballot. Proposition 83 calls for electronically monitoring sex offenders for life via a GPS system as well as allowing prosecutors to charge criminals who posses child pornography with a felony.

Los Angeles Times: Schwarzenegger Hears Rumbles From the Right

Conservatives see some of the governor’s stands as liberal. If too few vote, his reelection could be threatened.

The above is only wishful thinking on the part of the lefty editors of the Los Angeles Times. Let’s explore this story the substance of which which Flap discussed many weeks ago here.

With the vote on his reelection just over 12 weeks away, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger faces a wave of conservative unrest that threatens the steady political recovery he has made this year by widening his appeal beyond his base of Republican supporters.

To keep conservatives in line, Schwarzenegger campaign operatives have quietly launched efforts to rally support among Christian fundamentalists, gun owners and other Republicans who have long been wary of the governor and backed him only grudgingly.

Conservative voters are Schwarzenegger’s base and they WILL turn out and VOTE for the GOP ticket, including Arnold. The GOP has a good group of young “down ticket” candidates for California constitutional offices. Some of the candidates are conservatives and some are moderates – a big tent GOP ticket.

This piece in the Los Angeles Times is pre-emptive crap politics immediately before the California Republican Party convention this weekend in Los Angeles. The Times hates Arnold and why not smear him a little right before his bow with the party faithful.

Los Angeles Times = BIASED and PATHETIC…….

Read the rest of the piece, if you can stomach it.

Oh, by the way, Robert Sallady should tell his editors that GOP voters will never vote for a LEFT-WING NERD like Phil Angelides who enlists his “MOTHER” Senator Dianne Feinstein to tell him not to smirk when addressing the public – “between thoughts”.

Stay tuned……


Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., left, embraces California Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides during Angelides’ campaign speech Wednesday, Aug. 16, 2006, in San Francisco.


California Election 2006 Watch: Latest PPIC Poll has Schwarzenegger Leading Angelides by 13 Points

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