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Missile Defense Watch: Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld Tours Alaska Missile Defense Center


Lt. Gen. Trey Obering, USAF, left, shows Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld one of the ground based interceptor missiles at the missile defense site at Ft. Greeley near Fairbanks, Alaska Sunday Aug. 27, 2006.

AP: Rumsfeld Cautions on Missile Shield

After his first look inside the nerve center of the U.S. missile defense system, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld on Sunday sounded a note of caution about expectations that interceptors poised in underground silos here would work in the event of a missile attack by North Korea.

Rumsfeld climbed down a steel ladder into one of 10 silos that house single 54-foot-long missile interceptors. If ordered by President Bush, or a successor, one or more of the rockets would blast into the sky and race at more than 18,000 mph to launch a small “kill vehicle” at an enemy warhead as it soared through space.

An 11th interceptor is to be installed at Greely on Monday, officials said.

Asked at a news conference later whether he believed the missile shield was ready for use against a North Korean missile like the one test-fired unsuccessfully on July 4, Rumsfeld said he would not be fully persuaded until the multibillion dollar defense system has undergone more complete and realistic testing.

***ALERT*** MSM spin on this story ***ALERT ***

Read the entire piece and see if Rumsfeld is cautioning or just being prudent on a missile defense system that is not fully tested and/or deployed.

The lefty influenced media has been biased against missile defense since the early days of President Reagan and the Strategic Defense Initiative.

Does the LEFT and their friends in the media want to denigrate the system the media derogatorily dubbed “Star Wars” in the 1980’s?

Sure seems like it……

Stay tuned…..

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