Missile Defense

Missile Defense Watch: Reagan’s Vision

President Reagan Addresses the Nation from the oval office on National Security (Strategic Defense Initiative speech) March 23, 1983.

The American Thinker: Missile Defense: From Reagan’s Vision to Today’s Imperative

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With the attacks of September 11, the United States was once again faced with a threat and increased defense spending in a variety of areas, including missile defense. With the spread of nuclear and missile technology, it is now possible for state sponsored terrorists groups or rogue nations to use these weapons to blackmail the rest of the world – if there is not a missile defense system. Just as President Reagan told Secretary Gorbachev during their discussions on SDI at their summit conferences. Recent events in Iran and North Korea support President Reagan’s vision for the importance of a robust missile defense system “which offers new hope for our children in the 21st century” as he envisioned in March 1983 when the missile defense program was first proposed.


Missile Defense Watch: Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld Tours Alaska Missile Defense Center

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