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Share Wilson-Plame-Yellowcake Characters Are Recent MIAs in Daily Kos Searches

Search for yourself at Daily Kos and see (all searches are set up for 30 results per page and look back over quarter; searches were done at roughly 2:45 PM):

  • Bush” (to prove the search engine works) — 558 results, up to and including today
  • Wilson” — latest entry is August 24, well before the news exculpatory to the administration broke.
  • Plame” — latest entry – August 11
  • Libby” — latest – July 14
  • Fitzgerald” — August 4
  • Fitzmas” — June 24
  • Armitage” — no results

And Scotter Libby?

And the Plame/Wilson Lawsuit?

And the disgraceful silence from the lefty MSM?

The list continues……


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CIA Leak Case Watch: Was it Richard Armitage?

CIA Leak Case Watch: Karl Rove Won’t Be Charged in CIA Leak Case

Plamegate Watch: Valerie Plame Cashes IN

CIA Leak Case Watch: Bob Novak – “President Knows Leak Source”

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