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The Path to 9/11 Watch: Democrat National Committee E-Mail FLAP Part II

LGF:Democratic Party Wants to Censor “Path to 9/11”

As we wrote earlier, the Council on American Islamic Relations is attempting to whitewash the history of 9/11.

Disgracefully, so is the Democratic Party.

Here’s the page at their web site where they solicit members to complain to ABC about the docudrama The Path to 9/11 (without having seen it): Keep ‘Path to 9/11’ Propaganda Film Off The Air.

Notice that there is a space on this form for your own comments. I urge LGF readers to use this form to add comments supporting ABC’s courage for tackling the issues head-on, and requesting that ABC ignore the complaints and run the movie unedited.

Slick wants ABC to pull the show.

Madeleine Albright and Sandy “SOCKS” Burglar Berger are upset and crying foul.

Hugh Hewitt explains why the left hates The Path to 9/11.

On Sunday and Monday nights at 8 PM, ABC will air a five hour mini-series, “The Path to 9/11.” I have watched it, and it is a riveting and in some respects horrifying recreation of the events from the hours before the first World Trade Center attack in 1993 through the awful events of 9/11. Rarely does television reach this level of drama, and director David Cunningham and writer Cyrus Nowrasteh deserve great praise from left, right and center for a masterful retelling of the crucial events leading up to the devastation of five years ago.

A five hour show that must condense eight years by necessity will not be complete, but it is very accurate. As a very accurate docudrama, “The Path to 9/11” has drawn the deep anger of the Clinton political machine. Representatives of that era have been demanding at a minimum edits and some outright cancellation of the program. Monica Lewinsky makes an appearance, you see, as does Bill Clinton’s videotaped testimony about his perjury. National Security Advisor Sandy Berger is portrayed as indecisive, Madeleine Albright as misdirected, George Tenet as sputtering. The film does not spare the Bush Administration its shots either, but for the left in the US the most damning thing possible is a recounting of the deep slumber concerning al Qaeda that overcame not just President Clinton but all parts of the national security apparatus throughout the ’90s. The film does not damn those in charge during those years. It does however deliver a indictment of criminal negligence from which there is simply no escape.

Rush Limbaugh’s review is here.

Flap says contact ABC and tell them to air the show. Will the LEFT and the Clinton CABAL be able to censor the show?


Contact information for ABC is here.


The Path to 9/11 Watch: Democrat National Committee E-Mail FLAP

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One thought on “The Path to 9/11 Watch: Democrat National Committee E-Mail FLAP Part II

  1. Thank you. It is sad thing that ABC caved under the pressure and edited scenes, but they still showed it contrary to some democrats wishes. There is a lot of criticism over “The Path to 9/11” and most of which is negative. I’ve even heard people calling it an atrocity and propaganda. Hmmm… Democrats don’t give even a bat of the eye to movies like Fahrenheit 9/11, which I will never see, and they cause such a controversy about this. What’s with that? “The Path to 9/11” has more facts than Fahrenheit 9/11 has lies and that’s saying something. Again I congradulate you for taking a positive stance on this issue and only wish that democrats wouldn’t just disagree with everything the republicans stand for and say.

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