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James Webb Watch: Nancy Reagan Demands Webb PULL Fraudulent Campaign Ad Featuring Ronald Reagan


Democrat Jim Webb’s first TV ad shows President Ronald Reagan speaking at the Naval Academy.

AP: Nancy Reagan objects to campaign ad

Democratic Senate candidate Jim Webb has a television ad ready to air featuring praise from his late boss Ronald Reagan — and Nancy Reagan called on him Friday to cancel it.

Webb, who was Reagan’s Navy secretary before Webb switched to the Democratic Party, uses the ultimate GOP icon to send a sentimental message to conservatives and moderates courted by his opponent, Sen. George Allen (news, bio, voting record). The ad is scheduled to begin airing next week.

But a three-paragraph letter from the former first lady’s office said the use of footage of Reagan, who died in 2004, is “neither authorized nor appropriate.”
In a telephone interview, Edwin Meese, attorney general under Reagan, called use of the footage “improper, unethical and very possibly illegal. … For him to use video of Ronald Reagan to appear in a campaign ad to favor him is fraud.”

James Web is having his own Virginia MACACA moment.

What a DUMBASS in not asking permission from President Reagan’s family.

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  • Flap

    No, but you have to ask for an endorsement of a candidacy.

    Since President Reagan is dead I guess that is pretty fraudulent – wouldn’t you say?

    Webb could have asked Nancy for an endorsement or even Non-Reagan but he didn’t.

    Webb should pull the ad because it implies that President Reagan endorses his candidacy against George Allen and he doesn’t – and probably wouldn’t!