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Bill Clinton Watch: Clinton Vs. Wallace on Fox News Sunday

Real Clear Politics: Bill Clinton: Play It as It Lies

Former President Bill Clinton, never one to let truth stand in the way of a good line, has decided to reincarnate himself as our tough, anti-terror President. The man who ran away from military service and displayed striking contempt for our armed forces has now announced that he did more – and would do more – to combat Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda than anyone else. In his view, he should be recognized as the best man to fight that enemy.

Speaking to Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, Clinton made a bevy of startlingly anti-factual remarks. He announced, for instance, that conservatives had criticized him for obsessing about bin Laden during his presidency – rather than the truth that he was roundly condemned for doing next to nothing about this serious threat to American security. Clinton blamed the Bush Administration for failing to stop the al-Qaeda terrorists before 9/11, saying that the Administration had eight months to get bin Laden and didn’t. That conveniently overlooks that Clinton’s Administration had eight years to do that job, with al-Qaeda using the last two of those years to plan 9/11.

Read the rest of the Clinton half-truths here.

Allah has the video of Fox News Sunday here.

The transcript is here.

Does Bill Clinton STILL think he is President? His performance was a pathetic attempt to cover his ASS.

The truth is out there.


Bill Clinton Watch: Unhinged Clinton Says He Tried

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  1. Out of all the lessons learned by Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups regarding the resolve of this country, no other is more significant that the one they learned in Lebanon when Ronald Reagan immediately “cut and ran” after Hezbollah murdered 241 of our brave marines. President Reagan did not do a thing, not a single thing, President George H. Bush the same.

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