Global War on Terror

Guantanamo Bay Watch: The Inside Story Part 3


In this image reviewed by the U.S. Military, an unidentified detainee is escorted by two military guards at Camp Delta, in this June 25, 2005 file photo, at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, in Cuba.

Patterico has part three of his series on Guantanamo Bay: Stashiu Arrives at GTMO and Describes the Terrorists).

In today’s entry, Stashiu talks about the hunger strikes at GTMO, and the suicide attempts — both successful and unsuccessful. He gives insight into the mental health of the detainees

Read it all…..

Extraordinary care and attention is being given to these enemy combatants – who want to KILL us.

But, does the world community give America credit for humane treatment of these folks?


After all, the United States is the Great Satan.

Flap says interrogate them and throw them under the bus…..I could care less about these Islamic extremists.


Guantanamo Bay Watch: The Inside Story Part 2

Guantanamo Bay Watch: The Inside Story

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