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Mark Foley Sex Scandal Watch: Three More Pages Accuse Foley

ABC News: Three More Former Pages Accuse Foley of Online Sexual Approaches

Three more former congressional pages have come forward to reveal what they call “sexual approaches” over the Internet from former Congressman Mark Foley.

The pages served in the classes of 1998, 2000 and 2002. They independently approached ABC News after the Foley resignation through the Brian Ross & the Investigative Team‘s tip line on ABCNews.com. None wanted their names used because of the sensitive nature of the communications.

“I was seventeen years old and just returned to [my home state] when Foley began to e-mail me, asking if I had ever seen my page roommates naked and how big their penises were,” said the page in the 2002 class.

The former page also said Foley told him that if he happened to be in Washington, D.C., he could stay at Foley’s home if he “would engage in oral sex” with Foley.

Obviously NO prank here…….

Allah has a comprehensive linkage of updating Foley scandal events.

With this revelation a Hastert apology is certainly not enough.

Look at some of the polls here, here, and here. And they are likely to get worse.

If the GOP wishes to lose 50-60 seats and the majority in the United States Senate, then leave Hastert as Speaker and Boehner as Majority Leader.

The President as head of the Republican Party should have a nationally televised news conference Friday and accept the GOP House leadership’s resignations.

Stay tuned…….


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