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North Korea Nuclear Watch: Kick North Korea Out of the United Nations?


The P’unggye-yok nuclear test site. See more photos at Global Crisis Watch.

The Rosett Report (Via Austin Bay): Expel North Korea

Well, here we are. North Korea says it has conducted a nuclear test. The moment is nigh for the United Nations to follow through on its threat to retaliate with “unspecified action.”

In the UN arsenal of inanities, that could of course mean anything from the Security Council expressing “deep concern” to the World Food Progam doubling its 2006 allocation of $102 million worth of aid — on Kim Jong Il’s terms — for “transitional assistance.”

But seriously, if the UN has any interest whatsoever in addressing the clear and present danger of a nuclear-bomb-brandishing North Korea, there is something the UN could do, pronto. It could expel North Korea.

Kim Jong-Il doesn’t give a DAMN about the United Nations and neither should the United States in ultimately dealing with North Korea’s nuclear threat.

Kick them out?


DIALOGUE in the United Nations as constrained/meaningless as it may be is better than UNINTENDED DEATH and DESTRUCTION.



North Korea Nuclear Watch: United States Proposes United Nations Sanctions Against North Korea

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