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North Korea Nuclear Watch: North Korea Threatens War Against the United States


North Korean military officers (L) and a South Korean soldier (front) at the border village of Panmunjom. A defiant North Korea has warned that it would regard harsh sanctions over its nuclear test as a declaration of war and threatened further trials if the United States kept up its pressure.

North Korea warned on Wednesday that increased U.S. pressure over the regime’s reported nuclear test could be considered an act of war, and South Korea suggested it would build up its conventional arsenal to deal with its belligerent neighbor.

North Korea’s No. 2 leader threatened to conduct more nuclear tests if the United States continued what he called its “hostile attitude.”

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said the United States would not attack North Korea, rejecting a suggestion that Pyongyang may feel it needs nuclear weapons to stave off an
Iraq-style U.S. invasion.

North Korea is rogue regime that will not listen to any rational reassurance. If they wish WAR Kim Jong-Il will make an excuse. Kim has quite a nuclear extortion racket:

“Pay me off and guarantee the survival of my impoverished, criminal regime, or I’ll nuke my economic and human hostages and cost all of you more in lives and money than the bribes and media kowtow I demand.”

And what about China? What will be their role in reining in Kim?

In its first formal statement since the test, North Korea said it could respond to U.S. pressure with “physical” measures.

“If the U.S. keeps pestering us and increases pressure, we will regard it as a declaration of war and will take a series of physical corresponding measures,” the North’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement carried by the official Korean Central News Agency. The statement didn’t specify what those measures could be.

The United Nations Security Council MUST impose harsh sanctions including a tight land and maritime EMBARGO or QUARANTINE.

If North Korea wishes WAR, then better NOW before they proliferate their nuclear materials to other rogue or terrorist organizations/regimes.

But, will Kim Jong-Il provoke Japan or the United States?

Will China allow a land embargo?

Stay tuned…..


South Korean conservative activists hold placards during an anti-North Korea rally in Seoul.


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