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United States House 2006 Election Watch: SEA OF BLUE


Election Projection 2006 has GOP BARELY HOLDING control of the House.

Hugh Hewitt is cautiously optimistic. Captain Ed is in a stage of acceptance. Dafydd is fighting.

Real Clear Politics shows more dismal projections for the GOP in the latest polls.

John Hinderacker at Powerline says the poll data is GRIM. Robert Novak CONCURS.

William Rusher calls it a DEBACLE.

Three weeks to go and while the Fat Lady has NOT sung, she is warming up.

Today’s question: Does the GOP deserve to hold majority control of the House?


Glenn Reynolds answers the question with an explanation.

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One Comment

  • John D Infidel

    If memory serves me right, the year leading up to the 2004 elections had the democrats in the lead. As election day neared the polls were saying it was a statistical tie. I see the same thing happening now.

    I refuse to believe that a majority of Americans believe the democrats would be better at national security than the Republicans.