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United States House 2006 Election Watch: Rush Limbaugh and the Coming GOP DEBACLE

Rush Limbaugh: I’m Not at War with Conservative Bloggers

RUSH: Now, I got a couple of e-mails I was checking here during the break from people who say, “Oh, no, Rush! Don’t get in a war with conservative bloggers. If the media rips you guys apart, it’s all over.” I am not at war with conservative bloggers. I quote countless posts from many blogs on this program. I use them as resources. I’m referring to one blog post, and I don’t even know who it is. This all got started when I cringed when I saw the use of the term “premortem” on a blog site called Insta-Pundit. It hurt me; it irritated me as much as when Tom Davis, congressman from Virginia, goes on Face the Nation and starts speculating to Bob Schieffer or whatever it was, and starts counting up the number of seats his party is going to lose.

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Flap thinks that Rush, Captain Ed, Hugh Hewitt and others need a dose of reality. William Rusher and Glenn Reynolds provided both last week. Let’s look at the numbers:

Election Projection 2006 has GOP LOSING control of the House.

Current: 232 GOP, 202 DEM, 1 IND
Projected: 213 GOP, 222 DEM, 0 IND
DEM +20, GOP -19, IND -1

Robert Novak has the GOP LOSING control of the House:

If the election were held today, Democrats would gain control of the House of Representatives. Republicans -20, Democrats +20

Real Clear Politics has the GOP LOSING control of the House:

On the House side the polling is a lot more suspect. A rough count of RCP’s updated House list looks like the Democrats would pickup some where in the neighborhood of 13 – 19 seats (they need 15 for control.) If the final three weeks of the election continue to go the same way the last fourteen days have gone for Republicans, that number could go a lot higher. But the odds would favor a pendulum swing back toward the GOP at least once in the next few weeks.

So, why does Rush have it wrong?

Conservatives and the American voters are tried of cheerleading/spin and demand results. Voters are NOT happy with President Bush and the GOP House/Senate Leadership have shown no propensity toward leadership. Instead of a NEW “Contract with America” voters get Mark Foley Gay Sex Scandals and Duke Cunningham graff convictions.

Rush would be better off outlining the inherent problems of why the polls reflect a loss for the GOP and how to correct the problems. If credibility is measured in the polls Rush and Hugh Hewitt would register zero. Voters want less hype and more RESULTS from their elected officials.

Where is the substance of the debate with the LEFT?


The GOP may be able to out organize the Democrats and SAVE a few seats but at present it looks to Flap that the House and Senate will leave GOP control. And the blame will go to the new minority GOP party leaders and the White House.

Stay tuned…..


Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit, responds to Rush’s latest take on the FLAP with bloggers.


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