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Iran Nuclear Watch: Russia Says NYET to Iran United Nations Draft Sanctions


A general view shows the reactor building of the Bushehr nuclear power plant in southern Iran in February 2006. Russia has rejected a draft UN resolution put forward by European powers targeting Iran’s nuclear programme, saying the proposed measures did not advance objectives agreed on earlier by major world powers.

AP: Tehran radio warns of nuclear impasse

Russia signaled opposition Thursday to a European-proposed U.N. draft resolution to impose sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program, and Tehran’s state-run radio warned Europe an impasse was looming.

Hours before the Security Council’s five permanent members, plus Germany, were to meet for the first time to discuss the European draft, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov suggested passage of the measure would require a fight.

He said the resolution, which imposes limited sanctions on Iran because of its refusal to cease uranium enrichment, was a departure from existing agreements between major powers.

This is BULL and an EXCUSE by the Russians.

Russia and China will NEVER support United Nations Security Council Sanctions against Iran.

Russia loves to see Iran poke its finger in America. And these folks really think they can do business with the United States as a favored trading partner? Remember at the G-8 summit in July when Putin was nonplussed with President Bush over World Trade Organization membership?

For all of Russia’s help with Iran, the United States should recommend expulsion of Russia from the G-8 until more extensive democratic reforms are achieved. Russia continues to be an anti-democratic dictatorship and should not be afforded the free trading rights of a democratic sovereign nation.  But, Russia wants the nuclear business from Iran and the dollars.  and if they want to trade with the United States Russia can just pay top dollar.

Russia and China — veto-wielding Security Council members with strong commercial ties to Tehran — have agreed in principle to sanctions, but refused to close the door on the possibility of last-minute talks with Iran aimed at re-establishing cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency, a U.N. watchdog.

“Our goal is to eliminate the risks of sensitive technologies getting into the hands of Iran until the IAEA clarifies issues of interest to it, while maintaining all possible channels of communication with Iran,” Lavrov said on state television.

“And it seems to me that, in this context, the draft resolution clearly does not correspond to those tasks agreed on by the six sides,” he said.

And Iran is already laughing at/mocking the European Union and the United States.

Meanwhile, a commentary on Iran’s state-run radio, which often reflects the government’s perspective, warned Europe that an impasse was brewing. The Iranian radio commentary said Russia wanted to give the EU more time to entice Iran into cooperating with the IAEA.

“If Russia opposes the resolution, then Europe’s stance in further negotiation with Iran would be in a worse situation,” the commentary said.

Why is the United States continuing to give the United Nations credibility in this nuclear negotiations CHARADE?

There is NO POINT.

When the “POINT OF NO RETURN” is reached, the United States and Israel will militarily deal with Iran’s nuclear program and facilities.


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The Natanz uranium enrichment complex in Natanz is pictured in this January 2, 2006 satellite image.

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