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University of Pennsylvania Watch: President Dumbass Apologizes for Halloween Flap

On October 31, the actual Halloween day, Amy Gutmann, the UPenn President, hosted a party at her house. Here is a photo of us. I asked her if I can take another photo where I’m pointing my gun at her, but she did not allow it.

University of Pennsylvania: Statement by President Amy Gutmann

Each year, the president hosts a Halloween party for Penn students. More than 700 students attend. They all crowd around to have their picture taken with me in costume. This year, one student who had a toy gun in hand had his picture taken with me before it was obvious to me that he was dressed as a suicide bomber. He posted the photo on a website and it was picked up on several other websites.

The costume is clearly offensive and I was offended by it. As soon as I realized what his costume was, I refused to take any more pictures with him, as he requested. The student had the right to wear the costume just as I, and others, have a right to criticize his wearing of it.

A MORONIC answer from a MORON…….

The U Penn Board of Trustees should reprimand President Amy.

But, Flap bets they won’t………PC BS.

Michelle Malkin has more.

Good for her for not taking the John Kerry route and blaming “assorted right-wing nutjobs.”

But Myers makes an important point.



University of Pennsylvania Watch: The DUMBASSES of Halloween

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