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Arnold Schwarzenegger Watch: Democrat Win “Healthy”


California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, is flanked by the Mexican, U.S. and California flags as he addresses the media at the presidential palace, Los Pinos, in Mexico City, Thursday, Nov. 9, 2006.
Reuters: Schwarzenegger says Democratic win is healthy

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of few Republicans to shine at the mid-term elections, said on Thursday the Democratic victories were healthy for U.S. politics.

“I think it is good that there are new ideas and new blood because Washington was stuck. They could not move forward, not much was accomplished; I think it was terrible,” he told reporters on a trip to Mexico.

Former bodybuilder and star of the “Terminator” action movies, Schwarzenegger won reelection by a landside on Tuesday after distancing himself from President George W. Bush and adopting moderate positions on some issues.


California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, second from right, and his wife Maria Shriver, right, exit the presidential palace, Los Pinos, with Mexican President Vicente Fox, second from left, and his wife Marta Sahagun, left, in Mexico City, Thursday, Nov. 9, 2006. The California governor is in Mexico for a two-day trade visit.

Easy for the Terminator to say.

Let’s hope he stays GOP enough to terminate Senator Barbara Boxer in four years.

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