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John Bolton Watch: Biden – “And I Think John Bolton’s Going Nowhere”


U.S. Ambassador John Bolton, left, votes during the 49th round of voting in the United Nations General Assembly, New York, Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2006. Panama was chosen to represent Latin America in the UN Security Council after a three-week deadlock vote that saw Guatemala and Venezuela fail in their rival bids for the seat.

Reuters: Biden says U.N. envoy Bolton “going nowhere”

John Bolton’s troubled nomination as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations is “going nowhere,” a key Democratic senator said on Wednesday after Democrats scored big in mid-term elections.

Sen. Joseph Biden of Delaware, who is expected to chair the Senate Foreign Relations Committee if Democratic control of the U.S. Senate is formally confirmed, told reporters:

“I never saw a real enthusiasm (for Bolton’s nomination) on the Republican side to begin with. There’s none on our side. And I think John Bolton’s going nowhere.”

Slow Joe Plagiarising Biden will NOT chase Bolton out of the United Nations. But, the reader has to wonder why Ambassador Bolton would wish to stay? Bolton has a “recess appointment” and his term expires on January 7, 2007 when the new Congress (Democratically controlled) is installed.

The GOP could call up his nomination prior to January – as they did immediately after Labor Day. But, a Senator, placed a hold on the nomination and the Democrats threatened a filibuster. This attempt then died.

Bolton could be re-appointed for an additional year, but with NO pay.

Bolton, the controversial former undersecretary of state in charge of non-proliferation, was nominated by President George W. Bush to be U.N. envoy in March 2005.

But after his confirmation was blocked in the Republican-led Senate, Bush made a recess appointment, which will last until the new Congress convenes in January 2007.

After Tuesday’s elections Democrats now control the U.S. House of Representatives and probably the Senate as well.

Before voters cast their ballots, there was talk of Bush re-submitting Bolton’s nomination.

Another possibility was having Bush appoint Bolton to another U.S. government job so he could still be paid but assigning him to work at the U.N.

Senate Democratic aides said they did not know if such a move would be legal.


U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton is seen in New York October 26, 2006. In an effort to toughen a European draft resolution on Iran , the United States wants the text to say that Tehran’s nuclear ambitions posed a threat to international peace and security, diplomats said. Bolton circulated among a small group a series of amendments, including stronger language on the threat posed by Iran.

If Flap were Bolton I would immediately resign the United Nations ambassadorship and seek employment outside the government. Now that President Bush is a “lame duck” the White House has NO resolve to fight for Bolton.

John, write a book and obtain a university appointment. The United Nations job while being high profile is worthless in any case.

And for the GOP Senate, this is another example of how you squandered the hard fought majority you enjoyed the past few years. And why conservatives lost confidence in you.

Stay tuned……


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