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Senator Joe Lieberman Watch: Liberman’s Victory – A “Declaration of Independence From Partisanship.”


Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT) celebrates his victory in Hartford, November 7, 2006.

The Day: Lieberman’s Independence May Not Include Democratic Party

Sen. Joe Lieberman’s press conference Wednes-day at the Goodwin Hotel had been billed as a chance for the senator to elaborate on what he’d proclaimed the night before — that his re-election as an independent would send him back to Washington shorn of his obligations to parties and political concerns.

But if the press conference was any indication, the nature of Lieberman’s new role is a work in progress.

On the one hand, the senator, repeating a line from his victory speech Tuesday night, pronounced his win a “declaration of independence from partisanship.”

Moments later, however, he was assuring reporters that he was still a member in good standing of the Senate Democrats, still in line to retain the perks that partisan affiliation provide, such as his position as ranking member and potential chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

The Senate Democrat Leadership will give Lieberman whatever he wants. If not…….The GOP takes back control of the United States Senate.

Joe has Harry Reid et. al. by the short hairs……


As the NUTROOTS crowd goes wild……..

Stay tuned…..Joe has not had the last laugh yet.



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