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Arnold Schwarzenegger Watch: Lack of Immigration Reform “CRAZY”


California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger shakes hands with Mexican president-elect Felipe Calderon before a private meeting at his headquarters in Mexico City November 10, 2006.

Reuters: Lack of immigration reform “crazy”: Schwarzenegger

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said on Friday the federal government was “crazy” to clamp down on border security without also passing a law to allow more foreign workers into the United States.

Schwarzenegger was one of few Republicans to do well in the midterm elections after distancing himself from President Bush and taking more moderate positions. He said a U.S. plan to build more fences on the Mexican border was only a limited solution to the illegal immigration problem.

“It is crazy for the federal government not to simultaneously … also create a law where we can bring more people into the country legally,” he said during a private meeting with Mexican President-elect Felipe Calderon.

California relies heavily on Mexican agricultural workers.

Governor Schwarzenegger has FLIPPED on the issue of illegal immigration every other month it seems.

First, he was with the Minutemen. Then, he was against a border wall. And he BLAMED the federal government for inaction.

Then, Governor: My vote for Prop. 187 was ‘wrong’

And…….now what?

Well, Arnold is in Mexico and must play to the Mexican government – so blame the GOP members of Congress who just lost an election and conrol of Congress.

Good move Governor kick your own party when they are down.

Remember Governor you were heckled recently by voters who were fed up with your flipper policies on illegal immigration:

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger puts his arm around a woman who confronted him during his campaign bus tour Tuesday, July 25, 2006, in La Mesa, Calif. The woman would only identify herself as Kelly.

The Governor will soon learn that playing to the audience is not his only role as governor. He has a budget to balance and infrastructure bonds to fund. Illegal aliens and their children consume vast California resources – more than what they pay in taxes.

Flap suggests the Governator get his ASS back to Sacramento and start dealing with the problems of Californians and stop pandering to the Mexicans.

Isn’t there enough work ahead of you in California , Arnold?

Stay tuned……..


California Election 2006 Watch: Schwarzenegger Heckled on Campaign Bus Tour by People Upset with his Anti-illegal Immigration Positions

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