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Iraq War Watch: President Bush’s “CUT AND RUN” Strategy?


Iraq Study Group members, Former US secretary of state James Baker(L), and former member of Congress Lee Hamilton, seen here in September 2006. British Prime Minister Tony Blair will give evidence next week to a US task force looking at future policy in Iraq, his office said.

The American Thinker: Baker: A face-saving disaster?

The Baker commission seems to be doing a lot more than just re-thinking Iraq. It appears to be copiously leaking a Vietnam-type cut-and-run plan that will leave the Gulf far more dangerous than it is now. The Vietnam model looks like a “face-saving” retreat by the United States—just like that one that left Vietnam a Stalinist prison state with tens of thousands of boat people fleeing and dying, and next door in Cambodia, two or three million dead at the hands of Pol Pot.

Baker’s press leaks seem designed to test public reaction to the cut-and-run plan.

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What is going on in President Bush’s head? Just because his poll numbers stink and he lost a few seats in the mid-term elections he will sell out his political party and the Iraqi people?

He is recycling old political hacks from his father’s administration, dumps his Secretary of Defense and now is leaking his own “face-saving” plan to get out of Iraq.

Does he wish to lead the GOP into the minority for the next fifty years?

Let the 2008 Presidential campaign begin with a major distancing from this “cut and run” President.

Flap foresees United States Senate filibusters from the GOP on Bush initiatives.

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