The GOP Leadership Elections Watch: TTLB’s Questions for the GOP Leaders


The GOP Leadership Elections

On Friday, November 17th, the Republican members in the House of Representatives will convene to elect their new leadership. Before that happens, right-leaning bloggers have invited each candidate to participate in a conference call interview to present their agenda and answer bloggers’ questions.

What are the questions that you want the candidates to answer? Submit a new question by using the form here, or cast a vote on an existing question below.

Over 1028 people have submitted 296 questions and cast 3413 votes thus far!

Flap says please go and vote on the questions. Read the materials and contact your GOP representative to vote for the leadership of your choice.

Flap knows you will be glad you did.

Flap’s choices:

House Minority Leader

Mike Pence

Indiana – 6th
First elected 2000
Currently Chairman of
the Republican Study Committee

blogger call audio
blogger call transcript

Minority Whip

John Shadegg

Arizona – 3rd
First elected 1994
Former Chairman of
the Republican Study Committee

audio of blogger call

House Republican Conference Chairman

Dan Lungren

California – 3rd
First elected 1978
Currently Chairman of
the Homeland Security Subcommitte
on Economic Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Cybersecurity

“This leadership discussion is not one that should take place behind closed doors, and I welcome this opportunity to address the blogging community on what I believe is the course our Party needs to take in the 110th Congress…”

read Rep. Lungren’s
full statement to bloggers

audio of blogger call

Blogger Commentary:
Josue Sierra

Flap had the opportunity to work with Dan when he was Attorney General of California and found him to be a stalwart conservative.  Flap endorses Dan Lungren wholeheartedly.