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EU Airlines Green Tax Watch: £27 Green Tax on Long flights

TimesOnLine: American fury at plan to charge £27 green tax on long flights

AIRLINE passengers would pay up to £27 extra for a return ticket to cover the environmental damage caused by their flights, under European Commission proposals to address climate change.

Draft legislation to be published next month would require all flights arriving or departing from European Union airports to buy permits to cover their carbon dioxide emissions.

The document, a copy of which has been obtained by The Times, says that airlines would join Europe’s emissions trading scheme by 2011 and predicts that they would pass on the costs to their passengers.

The report estimates that passengers on flights within Europe would pay an extra €9 (£6) for a ticket, with the actual sum depending on the price of the permits. Those flying long haul would pay up to €39.60 (£27).

This will infuriate the United States and many other countries because it would affect all flights into and out of Europe, regardless of their origin or destination. US airlines would have to buy permits to cover their emissions on their European routes.

Trade War.

One that the European Union with their heavily subsidized airlines will lose.

But, hey, Europeans will either have to impose higher taxes or import more Muslim immigrants to pay for their economically failing economies. The EU’s decline will be exacerbated by this move.

Flap’s guess is that after the ruination of their tourism industry from the United States there will be some reconsideration/recapitulation.

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