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Nancy Pelosi Watch: Jane Harman for Chair of House Intelligence Committee?


House colleagues Jane Harman, left, and Nancy Pelosi, have been amiable political allies in the past.

Los Angeles Times: Pelosi-Harman friction strains Democrats’ unity

When Jane Harman left Congress in 1998 to run for governor of California, her colleague Nancy Pelosi threw her a party — a chocolate-fudge sundae “social” in the House members’ dining room.

Two years later, Harman hosted a fundraiser in Los Angeles for Pelosi when she was running for minority whip, raising $400,000.

These days the two rarely talk, much less throw parties for each other.

Their relationship has been deteriorating since Harman returned to the House in 2001, according to those who know them, and the tension now threatens to complicate Pelosi’s role as House speaker when the 110th Congress convenes in January.

Pelosi indicated as early as last year that she intended to oust Harman from the Intelligence Committee — where Harman expected to become chairwoman if Democrats won control of the House — in favor of someone more to Pelosi’s liking.

But, does Speaker Pelosi REALLY have a choice?

After all she did support this ASSHAT for Majority Leader:

The GOP can only hope that Nancy makes the RIGHT choice………

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