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Hillary Clinton Watch: Time Magazine Photo Manipulation Ages Hillary


We’ve now heard from the Iraq Study Group, but we need the White House to become the Iraq Results Group.
— Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton
responding to the Iraq Study Group’s recommendations

Graphic: Time Magazine

Power Line: D. Gorton looks at Time’s Hillary photo

Our old friend D. Gorton is the former New York Times White House photographer has emailed us his analysis of the photo above that I found unusually unflattering and posted this morning in “While Washington slept.” Mr. Gorton writes:

The photo of Hillary Clinton in Time isn’t just “unflattering,” it’s a classic case of artful manipulation. Bear in mind that we have all been wary of the news media’s use of manipulated imagery in Iraq and especially during the recent Israeli Hezbollah conflict. But that’s not the only place where it happens, of course. I think that the OJ Simpson magazine cover on Time that portrayed him as a dark, black, villain comes to mind. Regardless of OJ’s suspected crimes, he was unfairly portrayed based upon a racist stereotype. Time later apologized for the image.

Read it all.

Flap is certainly not an expert in photography or Fauxtography but this photo is definitely unflattering.

Is Time telling the Clinton media machine that the gloves are off?

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