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The Fourth Rail Watch: Iraq Embed – The ROC


Bill Roggio is embedded with the Iraqi Army.

The Fourth Rail: The ROC

On patrol with 3 Company, 3-2-1 Iraqi Army in southern Fallujah

FALLUJAH, IRAQ: The mission of the Police and Military Transition Teams here in Fallujah is to assist with the turnover of the city to the Iraqis. This is happening, slowly but surely. In southwestern Fallujah, 3 Company, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 1st Iraqi Army Division (3-2-1) owns the battlespace of a majority of the Resafa neighborhood. Resafa was one of the last bastions of al-Qaeda during the 2004 assault on the city.

3 Company is based out of a Forward Operation Base called ‘The ROC,’ which is located at the base of the southern bridge, or New Bridge, which crosses the hairpin turn in the Euphrates River. The New Bridge was closed to civilian traffic after The ROC came under repeated insurgent attacks. The compound is scarred with numerous mortar, RPG and bullet attacks. The closing of the bridge was been a point of contention between the Mayor of Fallujah and the General commanding the 2nd Iraqi Brigade during a council meeting last week.

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On Patrol with 3 Company


The children of Fallujah.


The Fourth Rail Watch: Bill Roggio in Iraq

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