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Michael Ramirez on Iraq’s Al-Sadr


Washington Post: Premier Wants U.S. Forces to Target Sunni Insurgents

Maliki Would Attempt To Contain Shiite Militias

Iraq’s Shiite prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, has created a two-pronged security plan for Baghdad in which U.S. forces would aggressively target Sunni Arab insurgents instead of Shiite militias. At the same time, Maliki would intensify his efforts to weaken Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr and contain his Mahdi Army militia, Iraqi officials said Tuesday.

Under these conditions, Maliki would accept a surge in U.S. troops in Baghdad, according to two Maliki advisers with knowledge of the plan. Maliki plans to discuss his proposal with Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates and senior U.S. commanders during a meeting in Baghdad on Thursday, the officials said. The Bush administration is contemplating a temporary increase in troops to help stem the highest levels of violence since 2003.

Well, something has to stem the violence and reconcile the Iraqi people. But, are the troop increases for Iraq or IRAN?

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