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Jamie White Watch: Jamie Is OUT at KYSR-FM (98.7)


Bill Handel and Jamie White

Los Angeles Times: Jamie White to end host job

Jamie White’s nearly nine-year run as a morning host at KYSR-FM (98.7) came to an end Wednesday with the announcement that the “Jamie, Jack and Stench” show would not be returning.

In a news release, the station said that “Star 98.7 management decided that the show is not a long-term fit with the music-intensive, artist-driven direction that began last April….”

White had been teamed with Jack Hine and Mike Roberts on the talk and interview show since mid-2005. She previously partnered with Danny Bonaduce for six years and before that with Frosty Stillwell and Frank Kramer.

The station said it would announce plans for the morning show “in the coming week.”

Flap guesses you don’t PISS OFF one of the most popular AM radio hosts at KFI (Clear Channel).

The ORIGINAL FLAP is here.

The Transcript:

Bill Handel’s daughters were in the KYSR studios this morning. Apparently Jamie White needed her producer to do something and the producer was looking for a soft ball that the Handel twins had lost. Jamie asked the girls to leave.

Minutes later, in a rage Bill Handel stormed into the KYSR studio and live on the air screamed at Jamie White: “Don’t you ever talk to my kids that way again, Jamie, I’m going to kick your ass.”

“Bill, I tell them they can’t be right there,” Jamie yells back.

(Screaming louder) “You have such goddam losing numbers on this loser show. Don’t you talk to my kids that way.”

Someone may have attempted to touch Bill, because he responded, “Don’t you touch me!”

Jamie: “Get out of here.”

Bill: “Fuck you. Go fuck yourself.”

Jamie: “Your nuts.”


Well, Jamie White ends her nine year run on STAR 98.7 mornings.

Was Bill Handel right in calling White and her show a LOSER?

Or contribute to her firing/replacement?


Showbiz folks…….


Bill Handel Watch: The Handel Vs. White Smackdown

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36 thoughts on “Jamie White Watch: Jamie Is OUT at KYSR-FM (98.7)

  1. I suspect this HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH Handel. If anything it was merely fuel to the fire.

    JJ&S were out for several weeks over the spring and ratings didn’t really suffer. Nor did ad sales. Star got a buttload of bad publicity for the way they handled it, but otherwise, no major scars.

    I think this was just a good time to get rid of them, as their contracts are up soon and Star is really struggling ratings-wise.

    Personally, I hated ’em. Their time had come, so to speak.

  2. There IS a God (besides Bill Handel)!!!

    My Christmas wish came true – Jamie White Trash is OFF the air.

    I hope Bill is chuckling smugly……I sure am. It just proves that TALENT and intelligence sometimes DOES matter.

    Thank you, Star 98 for finally getting some CLASS and firing that trio of losers who do nothing to make this world a better place.

    Rock on, Handel!

  3. woo-hoo! finally, jamie white is gone! i’ve taken star 98 off my radio buttons, just in case i accidentally hit it and hear that friggin’ trash of a woman’s voice! and whats-his-name and stench are totally unfunny anyway… i’m sure bonaduce’s rofl!!!

    i agree with a previous comment — star probably would’ve gotten rid of this stinky morning show anyway — i don’t think this handel episode had anything to do with it. that was just a bonus!

    thank you star 98! i’ll start listening to you again…

  4. Evidently I’m in the minority on this blog … but I listened to Jamie for all of her 9 year stint in LA – and I really enjoyed her humor and outlook. The Jamie, Jack and Stench show wasn’t scripted with “bits” like so many of the other morning shows, and they simply reacted honestly to the news and callers. They simply talked and gave their opinion – in an irreverant manner that struck to the funny-bone of an audience that enjoyed some light-hearted banter on the morning drive to our serious jobs. I miss them, and am sad for all their fans … which is obviously not anyone reading this.

  5. I enjoyed Jamie’s show.

    But, I like to listen to Handel’s too – some of the time.

    It depends upon the market and tastes of the listener. The radio biz is very competitive and if you do not put up the ratings numbers you are out!

    Sad but true…..

  6. I enjoyed JJ&S. I listened everyday. They rocked! Handel obviously can’t ‘handle’ his kids and Jamie had every right to ask them to leave – she was working wasn’t she….. Why were they anywhere near her studio? WHERE WAS THEIR FATHER??? JJ&S are much better then Clear Channel anyway – they will survive and be better for it. Question – all the people posting that ‘hate’ JJ&S – why would you listen to a show you ‘hate’? You are as smart and Bill Handel.

  7. I will definitely miss Jamie White. Her bawdy humor and demeanor were responsible for helping me to avoid many road rage urges on my drive to work in the morning. Bill Handel acted like an idiot. He may have had a right to be upset, but the way he acted especially when he knew he was on the air, was inexusable and unprofessional.

    I think it would of been better if Star would have tried to pair Jamie up with a better male co-host. Jack and Stench did not seem to balance her very well, and as a result the 3 of them did seem to be overly obnoxious at times. I think it turned alot of people off. I don’t care of the mix of music that Star plays, so I guess I won’t be tuning into the station any more.

    Good luck Jamie White, in whatever you do.

  8. I am one more listener who literally stopped listening to 98.7 because of Jamie. She proved herself to be a very ignorant individual who was at times entertaining, but not enough to have me overlook her trashy mentality. It was a minor relief to press my 98.7 radio station and find that she was somewhere else, knowing that all her fans knew she had been fired. I probably come off as someone that is too serious, and perhaps I should chill out and not be so sensitive…but she was belonged in a trailer.

  9. Fine Jamie’s gone and Bill Handel needs some anger management courses. As for Star, a lot of us still have you on the dial but clearly your target audience has changed from 18-35(rocks), to 35+(sucks)!!! So other stations are priority since Star changed over management, and I say bring back Jack before another station wins him !!!

  10. I for one am glad they are gone. I would go nuts whenever I stopped there and would hear the mindless dribble that was comign out of Jamie’s mouth. Her self pitty, poor me, victocratic mentallity was driving me nuts. I would litterlly loose IQ points as I listened to the nonesense that came out of her mount. Over nine years I can not count how many times I caught her talking about her being cheated on or her cheating on someone.

  11. I’ve been listening to Jamie since day one. Yeah, she could sometimes be a little obnoxious, but that was part of the fun. She was one of the few DJs not afraid to tell it like it is instead of sucking up to tinseltown. I could relate to events in her life and she was able to adapt to any one of the cohosts they threw at her. If all I wanted was “more music” in the mornings, I’d throw in a CD or turn on the iPod. Star 98 is no longer programmed into any of my cars and now I’m looking for a decent morning show. I’m not some teenager working at McDonald’s, I’ve got bucks to spend and they’re not going to be spent on anything STAR 98 is promoting. Let’s take that a step further, I’m cutting out Clear Channel all together (pretty tough to do since they seem to own nearly all of the airwaves! How’d the FCC let that one get by?). As for Bill Handel–Handel who? I never heard of him till a couple weeks ago and I’ve decided he’s an ass. I MISS JAMIE!

  12. I live in Bakesfield and was an avid Mark & Brian listener. When they were no longer available for me to listen to, I switched to Jamie & Danny. Danyy was insane, and I think Jamie always had to make sure that she never let him take over HER show; she was a little over the top back then. When he left, I wondered if the show would survive, but I found myself liking her more and more with Jack and Stench.
    I think being a female radio talk host is in itself difficult. She was over the top and crude sometimes, but nothing that guys haven’t been doing for years! I think she will be totally missed by her liberated female audience, and I hope she and “the Snowboarder” stay together. I am a female in her early 50’s and can relate to all the crap that the world can hand you! I also found them to be very entertaining when talking about current events.
    As far as Bill Handle goes, he’s a bully and a coward! His kids are brats, as she had already asked him nicely to not have them come into the studio when the show was “On the Air”. Maybe the rating were down in LA, but here in Bakersfield, I looked forward to listening to her in the mornings and driving to work. Good luck Jamie. I hope to hear you in some genre again……

  13. Word around the radio industry is that Star 98.7 will be flipping formats to Country here soon. They obviously see an oppurtunity since KZLA flipped last summer. You will probably see someone like Lisa Foxx do mornings until they make the flip.


  14. I will miss them, I have been listening to Jamie since she was with Frank & Frosty. I won’t listen to Star anymore. I think the (3) were great. They will be missed!!!

  15. The JJ&S show was a love it or leave it type of show. If you didn’t like it, then why listen? I personally loved listening to the show, and wish that there were more shows with the kind of candid humor that the JJ&S show had. I will miss hearing from the caller: “YOU RULE!” & JJ&S shouting back “WE RULE!” Because they DID Rule! And they will be missed.

  16. So today is the first day of the new morning show, and it happens to be my birthday. This is devastating to me and I am so disappointed in the new DJ’s. Lisa was a great afternoon DJ, but my daughter and I absolutely loved JJ&S and I too have been listening to Jamie since the Frosty and Frank days. JJ&S gave morning radio a new name and I will miss them terribly. And what about Therapy Thursday?? It was always a treat to listen to people who have WAY worse problems than I do! I will also not be listneing to Star in the morning anymore, and think I will switch back to KCAL 96.7 – where humor is still allowed! GREAT Birthday present, KYSR…thanks a lot…

  17. I haven’t liked Star since they offed Danny. He was the true talent and humor behind the show. He had intellect, wit and flowed well without jamie on the days that she didn’t go into work. I for one will not miss her, but they do need to bring Danny back. Yes, he could be over the top, but he was always entertaining!

  18. I stopped listening when Star let Danny go. Jaime was two-faced about that. I turned on a radio that was set to KYSR and was wondering why someone new was on today and did some research. I, too, am glad Jaime is gone. She acted like she was so wonderful…NOT!
    Hope there is some truth to posting by “Dental Insider”. Would love to have COUNTRY back!

  19. I am a woman in my 50’s, rather conservative by nature and I am so sad about the JJ&S show being cancelled. Sure Jamie could be rude and crude, but I loooved Jack and Stench and will miss them very much.I only have a short commute so my exposure was brief every morning, but now I guess I’ll listen to a cd instead of Star98.7. bummer guys.
    Best of luck to you Jack and Stench, I hope to hear you on the radio again one day soon.

  20. See Ya Jamie…you finally got what you deserved…lets not forget not only did White Trash back stab Danny, but please dont foget what she did to Frosty and Frank. As a long time listener back in the days when they were back in Denver I’ve always hoped for this to come….ah yes there is a God! Best of luck to Jack and Stench they dont deserve this.


  22. I have listened to the morning show with Jamie and all of her partners, since Frosty and Frank. While I do believe sometimes her topics of conversation were a little trashy, for the most part she was relatable to every day life…that’s part of what made her and her show so funny. I, too, have no idea who Bill Handel is, and honestly, is the incident with him and Jamie really the reason they were fired? Sounds a little fishy to me. All in all, I’ll miss listening to Jamie, Jack and Stench. But I think it would be ridiculous to put them back on air after taking them back the last time (in 2006). How embarrassing would it be for them to come back AGAIN?? I think they’ll do just fine finding BETTER jobs. Clear Channel obviously is not where they (JJ&S) should WANT to be.

  23. Star 98.7 SUCKS now… Lisa was fine in the afternoon and Valentine was good on KIIS… but they stink in the morning. They aren’t half as funny or energetic as JJ&S. IT WAS SO BORING THIS MORNING! I have to get up at 5am a couple times a week and there there was nothing better then I flipping on star 98.7 and listening to Jamie, Jack and Stench. The three of them together had the best morning show on air. If I wanted cheese I would have listened to Ryan Seacrest. I’m so mad that they fired them… I don’t even want to listen to Star anymore.

  24. Lisa Foxx? What the hell? Boring. Jaime was honest and brutal. I liked her. I missed her and Danny together but if he was gonna act like a drug driven baby then screw him. Good luck to the Jaime and friends. They’ll get a gig. Maybe Adam Corolla’s show, I hear that’s going down the tubes.

  25. I miss Jamie…Jack and Stench, too. Loved the morning show. Lisa & Valentine are terrible. Super scripted, very fake, rediculous KIIS-FM rip-off. J,J & S – you’re greatly missed!

  26. just curious…I finally noticed they were gone so i checked it out on the web~a little surprised. what really stumped me, is on jamie’s website ~ photo gallery ~ “in loving memory of pearl”. Please tell me she didn’t pass away!? I thought she was in recovery? Anyone know anything?

  27. My mornings suck without JJ&S. KYSR shame, shame on you that was a BIG MISTAKE, HUGE, HUGE MISTAKE! Star 98 needs a reality check; listeners tuned in morning show to hear JJ&S! Jamie, helped my mornings get started hearing about her life and her views and comments, she was perky, funny and real and yes a big pain sometimes but hell that is what made it interesting. JJ&S really helped my week day mornings and I miss them terribly. I will never listen to Star 98 again and I really did like the change in music, but they tore my heart away when they got rid of JJ&S.

  28. I was very sad to hear the official news that JJ&S were off the air! Valentine and Lisa Foxx are BORING!!!! and do NOT cut it in the mornings. I want to wake up in the morning, with laughter, not be put back to sleep with Valentine and Lisa Foxx. I will no longer be listening to 98.7 morning show. I miss JJ&S and have been listening to Jamie she was married and on the air with Frosty and Frank. Hopefully soon they will get a new gig so that their entertainment can continue!

  29. I was devastated to learn that JJ&S had been replaced in the mornings. I was also a long-time listener back to the Jamie, Frosty & Frank days. Admittedly, there were times in the early days when I would change the channel because Jamie said something which I thought was inappropriate. However, after listening to her for many years, I grew to love her and appreciate her honesty and the fact that she was down to earth. Hearing her stories of growing up made her seem like just another kid down the street. I have searched the web to see if she has been picked up by another show because I will definitely be listening.
    I feel Lisa Foxx has been given a break because STAR hasn’t always treated her very well since her show with Ryan Seacrest went off the air, and I wish her luck. I will be listening to all the other radio shows in the morning until I find Jamie again.

  30. I really miss Jamie White in the mornings. I drive an hour to work and need something fun and interesting to listen to. Valentine and Lisa Foxx just don’t cut it. I find I’m listening more to Kevin and Bean! BRING JAMIE BACK!!

  31. I really miss Jamie, Jack and Stench. I really hope to hear that they will be on another station. Valentine and Lisa need to go!

  32. JJ&S was a show I consistantly turned away from as Jamie’s voice would get on my nerves and I found her to be totally obnoxious. I hated it when she referred to her baby as “a penis” when she was pregnant. I enjoyed hearing Bill Handel now and again, his show was pretty insightful. Flipping the AM radio channels I was shocked by what I heard Bill Handel saying on the air. Now, granted, I am NO FAN of the AM JJ&S show and thought it didn’t fit into the format of the station, which was playing music that I really enjoy…(sorry, guys, hope it doesn’t go country : P) but Bill Handel was TOTALLY OFF BASE and out of line that morning. I no longer listen to him and my opinion has changed of that show entirely. In all fairness, Jamie, if fired due to the politics of the station, was dealt a raw deal. Go live in the mountains with the snowboarder and your baby Jamie. You don’t need this kind of crap.

  33. I love Jamie, Jack & Stench! I was very unhappy when I waited for them to return from Christmas vacation and they never did. Bill Handle? Who the heck is this hot tempered, ill mannered, unresponsible parent, who, evidently doesn’t watch his children very closely? Maybe someone should turn him into Child Protective Services due to his lack of supervision. Lol. Regardless… I will make sure in the future I never listen to Bill Handle. But then… I never have so why would I now? I have listened to Jamie ever since the Frosty & Frank days. I really love that girl! Lisa is okay. Valentine…. hummmmm….. I have a one-hour commute in the morning to work. JJ&S happened to be my #1 choice of entertainment. Now, I find myself listening to CDs. Mornings are not the same without JJ&S. Actually, my morning drive has now become boring. I really miss the JJ&S team. I really do.

  34. I went away to law school on the East Coast for 3 years, came back, and Star mornings had completely changed. Lisa Foxx? Honestly. Bo-ring. I wouldn’t want to have a 5 minute phone conversation with her, let alone invite her dry, nasal-y drivel into my hour-long morning commute. She’s like the loser chick in high school that never could be popular, but tries too hard to act like she’s cool now, and just ends up failing miserably by looking like a lonely, pathetic, undersexed glom who sits at home by herself at every night watching Wheel of Fortune and eating bon bons. At least Jamie had a quick wit and a sharp tongue, which made my commute interesting. Now there’s nothing to flip to when KROQ goes to commercial breaks. I’m giving up radio and sticking to my Ipod.

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