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President 2008 Watch: GOP Bloggers and Flap’s Poll January 2007

Readers: Please Vote in Flap’s January 2008 GOP Presidential Poll – POLL LINK here.


GOP Bloggers have their monthly Presidential poll up.

Flap has decided to run his own poll and host it over at my discussion forum: My Dental Forum.

The Presidential 2008 question is simple and will only include the three front-runners for the GOP Presidential nomination:

Rudy Giuliani

John McCain

Mitt Romney

The Question:

If a GOP Presidential Primary election were held today for who would you vote?

Rudy Giuliani

John McCain


  • Sal Furnari

    Rudy Giuliani should break away from the Political nonsense and the Republican party, join the ranks as an Independent, and draft Joe Lieberman as his running mate. Just because Social Conservatives and the GOP don’t like Rudy’s stance on issues regarding gay rights or abortion, why should we in the public be deprived of the most qualified person to run in 2008? We shouldn’t! And if that means breaking away from the party, so be it. I have family in NY, CT, OH, MI, IL, FL, and California. Not one person in my huge Italian family able to vote, will vote for anyone but Rudy. My brother in the Marines, finishing his second term, ready to re-enlist, wants Rudy to run and win. Please, please, please, urge him to run Independent.


    Sal in New York

  • serr8d

    I’m not completely sold on any of the ‘runners’ you listed. Rudy Guiliani? Pro-choice, pro-affirmative action, pro-gay rights, pro-immigration, pro-gun control. Come on, now, we have to do better than that!

    I posted on the ’08 race, and my choice now would be Newt Gingrich. He of little chance of getting elected…

    Whoever it is, he or she must decry the neocons, and go back to the Reagan brand of conservatism.

  • Beverly

    I will never forget the feeling of pride all Americans felt the day Rudy turned down the 10 million dollar check from the Arab after 9/11. That should run as an ad for Rudy For President. One of the greatest moments in our country’s history! My son serves in the military and he hopes Rudy runs. So do I. Run Rudy Run!

  • Kevin W

    I wouldn’t underestimate Romney. He is a very astute politician, able to deal with and work with an overwhealmingly Democratic Legislature in MA. He presents himself well and can probably make himself into a more viable candidate than he truly is.