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Angus Reid Global Monitor: Republicans Hold Edge in 2008 U.S. Ballot

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani holds the upper hand against two prospective Democratic rivals in the 2008 United States presidential election, according to George Washington University’s Battleground poll. 53 per cent of respondents would vote for the Republican, while 42 per cent would support New York senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In a contest pitting Giuliani against Illinois senator Barack Obama, the Republican holds a seven-point advantage over the Democrat.

Arizona senator John McCain also holds the upper hand against the two Democratic presidential hopefuls. McCain leads Rodham Clinton by 10 points, and Obama by nine points.

The Poll:

If the 2008 election for president were held today and you had to make a choice between these two

candidates, for whom would you vote?

Rudy Giuliani (R) 53% – 42% Hillary Rodham Clinton (D)

Rudy Giuliani (R) 49% – 42% Barack Obama (D)

John McCain (R) 53% – 43% Hillary Rodham Clinton (D)

John McCain (R) 51% – 40% Barack Obama (D)

Good news for the GOP.

And certainly this poll will help Obama a bit in his fundraising efforts against Hillary. But, will Obama and/or Edwards have enough resources to combat a media war against Clinton in a February 5 California primary election?


Stay tuned………



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