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Hillary Clinton Watch: Hillary Blog Ads on Center-Right Blogs

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Hillary Clinton’s Blogads on Center-Right Captain’s Quarter’s and Power Line today

Hotline: Clinton’s Ads On Conservative Websites

Lefty bloggers are raising questions about the strategy behind Hillary Clinton’s blog banner ad by – she’s on conservative websites like Townhall, Power Line and Captain’s Quarters. MyDD’s Matt Stoller wonders: “Why do people like HRC, no matter how often it becomes clear that wingnuts hate us, seek approval from wingnuts?”

Righty Bloggers, like Flap, ask the question as to why TownHall, Captain’s Quarters and Power Line would ACCEPT the ad placement?

Flap just could NOT do it.

And won’t, if offered.

Too hypocritical for me – but to each his own.

Contacted about the buy, Clinton nat’l spokesman Phil Singer tells Hotline: “We’re on some conservative sites because we’re not ceding any territory. We take nothing for granted.”

Right, more like sticking it in the eye of the RIGHT blogosphere. But, the LEFT will probably care more than the RIGHT and read more into the advertising move. The ads are “CHUMP CHANGE” in any campaign.

Now, this brings me to a topic which needs vetting here. Yesterday I missed Hugh Hewitt’s kind words about Flap’s Pro-Rudy Giuliani self-generated blog and the Giulinai Blog for which I also write.

Flap is NOT being paid by the Giuliani campaign and to this date has sold one Blog Ad to the Giuliani Presidential Exploratory Committee. None of my family members are compensated by Team Giuliani, the GOP or any other politician or issue committee. This Blog is self supporting and I alone control which ads will run.

Flap is pleased that Patrick has cleared the air over at Ankle Biting Pundits. Disclosure is important in all things blog-political but carping between ourselves in the center right WINGNUT blogosphere is self-defeating.

Maybe Hillary has a strategy?

You think?


Dean over at Hugh Hewitt seems to have a different take.

Sorry Dean – don’t think so – ad commissions, traffic?

How about defending Salem Communications accepting the ad in the first place?



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