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Rudy Giuliani Watch: In or Out?

The Politico: Failed 2000 N.Y. Campaign Casts Shadow Over Giuliani’s 2008 Ambition

Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani is finally scrambling to beat back a crippling perception that his bid for president isn’t quite serious. But even as he begins to hire aides and consultants, many of his New York supporters and critics, as well as neutral observers, see a repeat of his half-hearted, unfinished 2000 campaign for Senate.

“At this moment in history I do not believe he’s running for president; I just don’t believe it,” said Mike Long, chairman of the Conservative Party of New York State. “I don’t know of anyone who’s gotten a call saying, ‘I’m running, I need you to get behind me,’ same as happened before.”

“I’m having a real hard time believing the guy is taking it seriously,” said a former Guiliani aide, who said that he would love to see him become president. “In 2000 there was this feeling that he didn’t have to play by all the rules that little people have to play by, and I see that even more strongly now.

Well, who REALLY knows what lies in a candidate’s heart?

But, the POLITICO wants to get into the arena and why not raise a strawman issue of whether the GOP front-runner will even run?

Flap bets John McCain and Mitt Romney hope Rudy drops out.

You think?

Another point:

The Politico has the right to publish whatever they wish.  But, it is a little below the belt to publish a PDF of “STOLEN” campaign documents without redacting some of the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.

As a journalist you can leave the names but in today’s world, the amount of SPAM and weird calls/e-mails should be enough to inconvenience/piss-off any donor from ever giving up his/her information in the first place.

Additional Point:

To Hizzoner’s media advisors – work on the Mayor’s eye expressions.  Unlike Hillary and Nancy Pelosi it is obvious he has not had any Botox.  However, “Bug Eyes” distract from the message.

Stay tuned…….



Mayor Giuliani will be in South Carolina on February 3rd to speak to the state’s GOP convention.  Rudy will be in California the following weekend speaking to the California GOP.  It is rumored that California GOP Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will be having a photo-op with Hizzoner.

Update #2

Representative Mary Bono, R- Palm Springs (California) endorses Giuliani for President.

Rep. Mary Bono, R-Palm Springs, has already picked her candidate for president in 2008 — former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Giuliani is the right man for the job, Bono said, adding that she’s in line with “most of his philosophies.”

“Most of all, he showed tremendous leadership on Sept. 11 (2001),” she said. “It could not have been planned or staged. It was truly him, the man, rising to the occasion. I admire that.”

Giuliani has not yet formally announced his intention to run for president, but has formed an exploratory committee to examine the possibility. Bono’s campaign is sponsoring a golf event to raise funds for Giuliani’s committee on Tuesday, at the Rancho Mirage home and golf course of Edra Blixseth, Porcupine Creek Golf Club. Information: (310) 500-4284 or by e-mail at


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