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Chuck Hagel Watch: He’s Got Guts?

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Peggy Noonan: He’s Got Guts

Oh Please Peggy……

Hagel and the Democrats don’t have ANY GUTS. If they had the intestinal fortitude they could have worked with President Bush instead of against him to make the Iraq War a win-win or….

If you do not agree with the President’s policy and cannot work with him, then vote to cut off funds for the troops and attempt to bring them home.

But, Hagel and Biden et. al. have done neither. They prefer to bellow and talk about shoe selling while our son’s and duaghter’s fight for their and our lives in Iraq.



How about GUILT?

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8 thoughts on “Chuck Hagel Watch: He’s Got Guts?

  1. Republicans better hope that Chuck Hagel runs for president. After GWB’s impending “surge”, the election will be about the war and nothing else. By 2008 American electorate support for the war may well drop below 20%. There is exactly one Republican candidate who has been on the right side of this war since the beginning, and that is Hagel, and that makes him the only electable Republican in 2008.

    Chuck is prominently featured in my most recent YouTube effort “It’s the war, stupid.” and recent blog post of the same name.
    Chuck Hagel is a rock solid conservative in the Goldwater tradition. He is more conservative than McCain, Giulliani, Romney, and certainly more conservative than Bush. Too bad he won’t make it through the gauntlet of Republicans who have redefined what it is to be a Republican with the single litmus test of blind support of the President’s policies on Iraq. You don’t have to be a fiscal conservative to get their support. You don’t have to be a social conservative to get their support. You just have to put on your blinders and march lockstep on a flawed war strategy. That is what makes you a Republican these days. And that is what will destroy the Republican party as a political force for a generation. Hagel is the only hope for rebuilding the Republican party and salvaging the White House in 2008.

  2. What will your reaction be if they vote to cut off funding? Will you promise not to criticize any members of Congress because they’re “not supporting the troops”?

    You can’t have it both ways.

  3. If they vote to cut off funding, then they are NOT supporting the troops. But, to hide behind meaningless resolutions to cravenly undercut them well what the hell is that?


  4. Charlie, Flap:

    What’s going to be BOTH of your reactions WHEN Hillary and the Dem Congress take full ownership of Iraq/GWOT this time two years from now?

    Are you, Charlie, going to smile approvingly when Hillary signs a Status of Forces Agreement to keep a permanent party of soldiers/airmen in Iraq? Are you, Flap, going to follow the eventual admonition of the MSM (fully in Hillary’s pocket) to “support the troops and the mission they are tasked to do” like you’re expected to do?

    Are BOTH OF YOU going to take these next 22 months to climb down from the rigid positions you’ve held and let go? (PS, Flap: Peggy Noonan’s already doing this. She sees potential profit in two years, has a tome against Hillary already in place, and she’s not going to sound the least bit hypocritical about it.)

  5. And Brad will you take responsibility for the deaths as a result of a precipitious withdrawal of troops from Iraq?


    You and the LEFT will still blame it on Bush.

    PS: Peggy Noonan has been taking too much Prozac.

  6. Flap,

    I am a big supporter of the Iraq War and will continue to be a Bush supporter until the bitter end (20 January 2009, 12EST). I’ve also come to realize that NO ONE in the Dem Congress has the stones to take the most significant action to stop Bush: cut off funding. I fully expect that this “surge” will contain the situation enough, with “an acceptable level of violence” (to use a British line of thought about Northern Ireland), that it will be handed off to Hillary without much muss or fuss. Which was Bush’s design all along, if you remember the 20 September 2001 speech to Congress.

    We have to let go of full ownership sometime, Flap. We have to realize that lessons HAVE been learned from Vietnam.

  7. Yes, but the President will not pass responsibility for this war, the mistakes and successes off to someone else – like Bill Clinton did with his Presidency.

    And it is along two years before you coronate Hillary.

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