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John McCain Watch: DNC Criticizes McCain Contradictions on Iraq War

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Jan. 25: Sen. John McCain, right, chats with Sen. Carl Levin during a hearing on Iraq strategy.

Democrat National Committee: DNC: McCain’s ‘Recipe for Disaster’: Contradicting Himself Again on Iraq

In the face of overwhelming opposition from the American public to the Bush-McCain plan to escalate the
Iraq War, presidential hopeful John McCain (news, bio, voting record) yesterday proposed a Senate resolution that would include “a series of benchmarks” he has long opposed. [New York Times, 1/26/07] McCain emphasized that if the benchmarks set by his resolution are not met, “everyone knows the consequence … then you have to examine your mission.” [CNN, 1/26/2007]

Senator McCain’s resolution is now being circulated.

The Democrats continue:

In other words, McCain is now proposing imposing benchmarks that the Iraqi government would be required to meet on a specific timetable, or face an American re-evaluation of its strategy. The move is a contradiction for John McCain who “has vigorously endorsed the president’s war policies” and once called the idea of a timetable “a recipe for disaster.” [Washington Post, 1/26/07; Birmingham News, 11/22/05] Just over a month ago, McCain went so far as to say that “placing a limited timeframe … would only induce Iraqis to side with militias” and against Americans. [Arizona Republic, 12/7/06]

“Increasingly isolated for his stubborn support of the President’s failed strategy in Iraq, John McCain is again contradicting himself hoping to have it both ways as he seeks the Republican nomination,” said Democratic National Committee spokesman Luis Miranda. “The American people want a new direction in Iraq and principled leadership. McCain’s call for benchmarks is a call for the timetable he has long opposed and another example he’s willing to do anything to get elected.”

Today McCain Wants Benchmarks. “Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona, said he would propose giving the Iraqis a series of benchmarks to demonstrate progress.” [The New York Times, 01/26/2007]

But McCain Said Timetable Was A “Recipe For Disaster” And Urged Colleagues To Show Some “Backbone.” McCain, calling Iraq a “noble cause” and saying that to “prevail” in Iraq required “a little backbone,” slammed Murtha’s proposal for a timetabled troop redeployment. McCain said, “To set a timetable, when it doesn’t comply with the situation on the ground, I think is a recipe for disaster.” [Birmingham News, 11/22/05]

McCain Further Said A Date for Withdrawal Would Lead to Chaos. “I believe that a withdrawal, or a date for withdrawal, will lead to chaos in the region, and most military experts think the same thing.” [NBC News, 11/12/06]

And That a “Timeframe” Would “Induce Iraqis to Side With Militias”. The Arizona Republic reported that John McCain “said he disagrees that any such redeployment should be characterized as ‘short-term,’ or that any firm timetable for U.S. troop withdrawal should be set. ‘Our troops should be sent to Baghdad, or anywhere in Iraq, in order to complete a defined mission, not to serve until some predetermined date passes … By placing a limited timeframe on our military commitments, we would only induce Iraqis to side with militias that will stay indefinitely, rather than with the U.S. and Government of Iraq.'” [Arizona Republic, 12/7/06]

Appeasement gets you NOWHERE, Senator.

Mc Cain’s Presidential campaign is NOW DEAD.

****GOP Senators listen up!****

To Senator McCain:

Take Down this resolution.

You are not the President and you look like a FLIPPER on the Iraq War. Remember John Kerry.

Try to save yourself embarassment with the GOP Base – albeit your presidential campaign is OVER.

To Senator John Warner:

Withdraw your resolution. Support your party and President. Let General Petraeus work the plan. Don’t condemn the plan before it has been implemented.

To Senator Mitch McConnell:

Prepare to lead a FILIBUSTER against the Biden, Levin and Hagel resolution. No up or down vote on a symbolic repudiation of your President. Whip your colleagues. NO CLOTURE.

To the REST of the GOP Senators:

Vote against CLOTURE on the Biden, Levin and Hagel resolution and any other resolution that undermines our troops and the Iraq War effort.

Remember our troops and


Listen to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates today:

Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Friday that a congressional resolution opposing President Bush’s troop buildup in Iraq undercuts U.S. commanders and “emboldens the enemy.”

He also said the Pentagon was now studying whether it could accelerate the deployment of the five additional Army brigades that it has announced will be sent to Baghdad between now and May to bolster security in the capital.

At his first Pentagon news conference since taking office Dec. 18, Gates was asked his reaction to the debate in Congress over the effect of such a nonbinding resolution. “It’s pretty clear that a resolution that in effect says that the general going out to take command of the arena shouldn’t have the resources he thinks he needs to be successful certainly emboldens the enemy and our adversaries,” he said.



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