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Michael Ramirez on Castro’s Socialized Medicine

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Cuba Watch: Fidel Castro – Decided to Avoid Colostomy?

Cuban leader Fidel Castro chose to avoid a colostomy and opted for riskier intestinal surgery that led to serious complications, the Spanish newspaper El Pais said in its Wednesday edition.

The shortcut involved sewing the colon to the rectum but did not heal properly and broke apart, releasing gastric fluid with feces that caused serious infection, El Pais said on its Web site.

The newspaper reported a day earlier that Castro’s prognosis was “very serious” and that he is being fed intravenously after three failed operations for diverticulitis, or pouch-like bulges in the large intestine that get infected.

El Pais cited medical sources at the same Madrid hospital where a surgeon who examined Castro in late December works.

And ask the Canadians who travel to the United States to see a doctor or get a test since their universal care (socialized) system imposes rationing of care.


Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton support government run universal single payor health care.


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