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Rudy Giuliani Watch: Paul Cellucci, Former Massachusetts Governor Endorses Giuliani

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Paul Cellucci, former Governor of Massachusetts and Ambassador to Canada

Boston Globe: Rebuffing Romney, Cellucci supports Giuliani for president

Former Massachusetts governor Paul Cellucci told the Globe yesterday that he is supporting former New York City mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani for president over Mitt Romney — even though Romney called Cellucci and asked for his endorsement in a meeting two weeks ago.

Cellucci called Romney, who served one term as Massachusetts governor , a “capable leader” and said there was no snub intended. “This is not anti-Mitt. This is pro-Rudy,” Cellucci said in an interview.

Nonetheless, Giuliani’s staff, which is preparing for the former mayor’s debut on the New Hampshire campaign trail tonight, was quick to tout the endorsement as a sign of Romney’s weakness and Giuliani’s growing appeal.

This has to be a blow to the Mitt Romney campaign. Will Cellucci do television for Giuliani?

You betcha…..

Stay tuned……


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