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Boston Herald: Giuliani: “A real good chance” he’ll run for president

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani says “there’s a real good chance” he’s running for the GOP presidential nomination.

Giuliani was in Columbia Saturday to meet with South Carolina Republican party leaders. After a 30-minute speech and answering questions, Giuliani was asked if he’s running for president.

“There’s a real good chance,” Giuliani said.

He also cleared up questions about a financial disclosure filed recently that didn’t show that he was raising money as a Republican candidate.

Giuliani said that it was a mistake not to check that box on the form.

Like Flap said weeks ago.

The “WORD ON THE STREET” is Mayor Giuliani WILL ANNOUNCE FORMALLY next weekend at the California Republican Party Convention in Sacramento. And Flap has been told by an anonymous source that Rudy WILL announce.

And Flap will be in Sacramento next Saturday for Giuliani’s speech.

Stay tuned…….



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