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The New York Times is desperate to find something anything against America’s Mayor. They even have their news reporter travel over 3,000 miles across the United States to file unresearched crap in his political yet NYT company paid for blog.

Mark Kilmer over at RedState smacks New York Times reporter Richard Perez-Pena down pretty well.

But, then again, we know who has the agenda?


As a side note, there was discussion about the Mayor’s opening prior to Hizzoner’s news conference yesterday afternoon (after his speech) and nobody could name the song or the band. Someone finally mentioned Rudie Can’t Fail and the Clash.

Nobody liked the song (frequent comments were it sucked) or understood any of the words except: Rudie Can’t Fail.

Flap’s suggestion: get a new song and to Perez-Pena get a life…….



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2 Responses to “Giuliani Notes: The Clash – Rudie Can’t Fail”
  1. Larry says:

    No. To any rock-n-roll fan under 40, The Clash’s “Rudie Can’t Fail” is simply iconic and a fitting campaign song for Rudy. If you want youth and excitement on this run, use The Clash. If you want a geriatric, AARP-approved campaign, try “New York, New York”.

  2. Flap says:


    You have a point. But, nobody in the press room and there were many reporters in their 20’s remembered that song from the Clash. They were popular in the 80’s, right?

    I think a more current song with a more uplifting beat would be right.

    Yeah, NY NY is even old for Flap.

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