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A couple of days ago, Flap mentioned this piece in The Smoking Gun.

Now, Captain Ed talks about the issues addressed as vulnerabilities and raises the question of an inside sabotage job.

Some of this material is pretty tawdry, though, and it will cause Giuliani some discomfort over the next year, and longer if he wins the nomination. Most of the damage comes from the evaluation of his personal life, which contains data not widely known outside of New York City. Giuliani’s divorces have been discussed among conservatives as a potential issue for family-values voters, but the issue of his attempt to annul one of the marriages on the basis of consanguinuity — and hence the “weirdness factor” — will be an unpleasant underscoring of this concern.

There’s also another potential draft-dodging issue in his deferment on medical and occupational deferments in 1969. That seems somewhat less problematic, since the Air Force apparently initiated the termination of his ROTC program based on his hearing deficiencies. In a general election against Hillary Clinton, that will not be much of an issue anyway; she’ll hardly be anxious to bring up draft dodging, considering that her main qualification for the Presidency comes from her time as First Lady to a real draft dodger.

The two leaks should have Giuliani campaigners wondering whether they have a spy in their midst. Both leaks reveal some pretty sensitive strategic evaluations, and both have reinforced some of Giuliani’s more sensitive personal vulnerabilities. Giuliani may need to do a bit of mole-hunting to ensure that more of his confidential documents don’t wind up on the front pages of the nation’s newspapers.

Flap agrees with Ed, on the “Draft Dodging” issue. Rudy did not “DODGE” the draft. And Bill Clinton did.

However, the first divorce after fourteen years of marriage to his second cousin does sound contrived and weird – notwithstanding Catholic divorce annulment rules.

You think?

Rudy will need to address the “mistakes” in his personal life. With a fifty per cent national divorce rate, he will not have to explain too much. Voters will understand and not exclude him from the presidency because of it.

Hell. they elected PHILDANDERER and WOMANIZER Bill Clinton twice.

But, he has to initiate the discussion before the “HIT” television commercials fly.

And the hunt for a campaign mole?

Ed, how do you spell paranoia?

The Giuliani campaign has to tighten its security and limit the availability of sensitive campaign documents. There is more staff on board now and I don’t think these experienced campaign operatives will be loose with either their lips or papers.

The rest of the issues in the vulnerabilities paper have been answered by previous Giuliani campaigns.

The amount of impact?




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