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California Term Limits Watch: Special Interests File Term Limits Modification Initiative


San Francisco Chronicle: Term limits initiative headed for February 2008 ballot

A proposed ballot initiative backed by Democrats and Republicans would extend the time lawmakers could spend in the Assembly and Senate. The initiative is headed to the Attorney General’s Office for title and summary before it goes into circulation. There’s little, if any, doubt of it qualifying for the ballot in time for the February 2008 presidential primary. Democratic campaign consultant Gale Kaufman and former Schwarzenegger campaign adviser Matthew Dowd are leading the effort.

The measure would actually reduce the amount of time lawmakers could spend in the Legislature — 12 years instead of 14. But all 12 years could be served in one house. Currently lawmakers are limited to three two-year terms in the Assembly and two four-year terms in the Senate. Both Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez and Senate leader Don Perata could be big winners if they can convince voters to go along.

No matter how much money the special business interests and unions throw at this turkey, the initiative will still lose.

Californians will not vote to change the term limit law to help three politicians – namely Fabian Nunez, Don Perata and the Governator.

But, they will try……..

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