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The Politico: MSNBC/Politico.Com Announce GOP Debate at Reagan Library

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library will host a Republican presidential debate May 3 that will feature questions submitted in real-time via

Former first lady Nancy Reagan is inviting the leading GOP candidates to the first-ever debate at her husband’s library in Simi Valley, Calif. “Ronnie always hoped the library would be a place where policymakers will debate the future,” she said. “This presidential debate provides the opportunity to fulfill his wishes.”

“We are thrilled to partner with MSNBC on what promises to be a historic debate,” said Robert L. Allbritton, publisher of The Politico. “MSNBC has established a reputation for outstanding political coverage, and has committed to aggressive and innovative reporting on the entire 2008 contest.”

Members of the audience watching the debate on, the Web site of The Politico newspaper, will submit questions to the candidates. MSNBC will televise the debate nationally and simulcast it on Politico reporters will read questions from the Web audience to the candidates. The debate will be moderated by MSNBC.

The news release from the Ronald Reagan Library:


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